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YongShen Mould, is located in Southern China and is very close to Hong Kong. Founded in 1987, YSM has quickly evolved to become an excellent one-stop solution supporting the plastic and metal industries. YSM’s philosophy is ‘Fast, Efficient and Accurate’. We are selling both products and expertise.

YSM provides design, prototypes, mould making, moulding, castings and assembly. Every project has its own dedicated management team, this team follows the progress from inception to completion. Our diversified engineers can speak good English and YSM is always ready to make your idea a reality.

Good design can yield quality parts. Quality is the core of our business. We have  been awarded ISO9001:2000 certification. We manage to control the cost on the details. We deliver our products following your delivery request.

We can work flexibly to achieve your urgent delivery target. Communication is a lot easier in our company as we have offices in UK and US serving local clients. Our goal is to make you succeed. YSM continues to improve on quality, technology, environmental, human resources, information technology management system.

YSM Structure

YSM Holdings, is the parent corporation set up to manage growth activities of our manufacturing sites.  We are looking for new business opportunities and partnerships as well as new technologies to strengthen our core competencies.

Olympic Mouldis a full service manufacturing facility focused on the production of plastic injection tooling and molding production.

Seagull Mouldis a full service manufacturing facility focused on the production of Metal stamping tooling and fabrication.

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